Thursday, July 29, 2010

General Mask Photos


Lovers of tribal art often accent their spaces with masks from around the world.  There is something about a mask that calls to our own spirits, perhaps a genetic imprint from way back when our ancestors may have also used masks in their lives.  Or, they appeal to our sense of fantasy, of other worlds.  Whatever the reason, masks are still made in many cultures and we love them!

Sturee Tribal Village has a nice collection of older African masks.  The spoons in the photo below are from Afghanistan, but don't they just look perfect with the masks and Kuba cloths?

The brightly colored masks below are from Indonesia, newer masks that support living carving traditions.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

General Bead Photos

Afghanistan is rich in minerals and semi-precious stones.  Afghan Tribal Arts has been working with artisans who work with the stones for years.  Over time, it has collected an enormous inventory of hand-carved, natural stone beads.  Jade, carnelian, and of course, lapis lazuli, are the signature stones of the region.  But, there are many others as well as other countries represented in the collection.

The rarity of the stone and its cut both contribute to the price.  Strands may be $15 or $20 or they may be worth hundreds, all depending on what it is.

Focal beads from around the world accent those special designs. 

General Carpet Photos

Sturee Tribal Village has a huge collection of handmade carpets from Afghanistan and other regions in Central Asia.  Afghan Tribal Arts has specialized in collecting carpets that were produced in small workshops, villages or by nomads. 

What a mess!  Digging through them is a wonderful experience!

Photos of the Gallery

Sturee Tribal Village is located in a shopping area, full of other antique stores, boutiques, and restaurants.  You can easily spend a day shopping and enjoying yourself in this neighborhood!

Come on in!

The gallery is long and full of treasures from around the world.

Tribal art from different countries meld together.

Hours and hours of looking through everything...

A day well spent!
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